Top 10 Most Developed Cities In India To Work And Live In 2019.

most developed cities in india

Are you thinking about living and working in India but you don’t know exactly where you should live? Everyone has heard of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Pune, but who knows if those are really great cities to work and live in.

The cost of living, job opportunities, social infrastructures, and security are some of the many deciding factors for the quality of life in most Indian cities. Most of India’s mega-cities are fast becoming world-class cities with excellent quality of life, social amenities and peace of mind.

This list looks at the top 10 most developed cities in India to work and live in 2019.

1. Mangalore.

The port city of Mangalore is well known for its tall swaying coconut palms, temples, and pristine beaches. The town that’s called Mangalore, Mangalapuram, Kudla, Kodiyala, Mykal, and Mangalooru is the only place that has so many names in different languages.

Mangalore’s economy comprises industrial, commercial, agricultural processing and port-related activities. Its famous “Gadbad Icecream” is the favorite among locals as well as visitors. Though quite humid at all times, there are just two seasons for Mangalore – Summer and rain.

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2. Bangalore.

Bangalore is another dream city for millions, after Mumbai. The growth of the IT sector has created a major spur in the growth of the city as well. Besides that, it is safe, clean, green and extremely family oriented.

Both the youth and young families with school going children enjoy living in Bangalore because of the opportunities for education and job prospects. Being a Garden City, Bangalore has a number of excellent and well-maintained parks like the Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bugle Rock Park and more.

3. Hyderabad.

A densely populated metropolitan city with people bustling in and out of cafes, offices, temples and even nowhere, Hyderabad is fast turning into the New York city of South India. In the year 2015, Time of India stated that Hyderabad is one of the best cities to live in India.

Ever heard of a place where its population and companies are evenly distributed to provide hassle-free life with less congestion and traffic. Apart from these, the city is also emerging as an IT hub with a top-class airport and international schools.

4. Pune.

With an extensive student population, Pune is popularly known as the college town of India and has a range of excellent restaurants, happening nightlife and an overall young atmosphere. If you love Marathi culture, food and language then Pune is the place for you.

Apart from this, the city has a favorable climate, with summers that go up to 35 degrees (not too hot when compared to Mumbai and Delhi) and the rains are perfect. The nightlife here is pretty decent, but the city keeps your pockets in a black hole if you don’t spend wisely. Pune is as expensive as Bangalore, but the pollution and traffic here are comparatively lesser.

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5. Mumbai.

Mumbai, the Dream City of millions has several attributes to its name. It is known as the Financial Capital of India, the Shanghai of India, the City That Never Sleeps and so on. Although it is a populous city in India with slums and heavy traffic, the stunning sunsets, posh living areas, and the lifestyle will never cease to amaze you.

There are many pretty parks if you seek solitude in your busy life. Essential commodities are at your doorstep, with easily accessible places, malls, and complexes. Street shopping is another major thing in Mumbai, regardless of the scorching heat in summer. From nightlife party vibes to serene marine drive, Mumbai has everything for an ordinary man.

6. Gurgaon.

Also known as Millennium City, Gurgaon is a fast developing industrial city close to New Delhi. When it comes to TechParks and infrastructure, Gurgaon is the place, but if you look at the pollution and living cost, it’s comparatively higher than cities like Noida and Delhi.

Even using public transport, Gurgaon could be a bit lagging if you’re coming from another town. But don’t worry, the electricity and water supply will never give you hath. Gurgaon is very well connected to the airport and railways. And guess what? Gurgaon has an amazing nightlife and weekend parties.

7. Ahmedabad.

Also known as Amdavad, this is an industrial and commercial city but a beautiful, popular destination for tourists who want to get the taste of Gujarat. Recognized as one of the fastest growing cities, Ahmedabad was featured as the best city to live in by the Times of India.

It has the fastest network with the best transportation facilities and an ever-increasing commercial industry which makes it THE place to build your empire. With increasing economic growth, Ahmedabad has the country’s second oldest stock exchange, and sweet savories of Gujaratis that can never be replicated from any other city.

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8. Chennai.

Chennai is probably next best city after Gurgaon. BBC, in 2015, listed Chennai as one of the safest big cities in India, especially for women. Chennai is less congested and hectic when compared to other cities of India. A melting pot of cultures, Chennai has a lesser number of terrorist attacks when compared to other major cities of its caliber.

It is a peaceful city where you can settle with your family, work and live your retirement years as well. It’s also home ground for a number of South Indian companies, so there’s a lot of job opportunities available.

9. Kolkata.

Labeled as the ‘City of Joy’, the ‘Cultural capital of India’, Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) is a city with character and remnants of British Raj visible in its Victorian-style architecture, trams and the nomenclature of the place. If you wish to settle down in India, let Kolkata be a priority if you want to live a modest lifestyle.

Everything is cheap here from garments, food to transportation. If you’re an art lover, then Kolkata is the place for you. With its magnificent buildings and monuments, the city has a rich culture and heritage. Planning to refresh your work-life? Head to Kolkata the city with the best public and private industrial units.

10. Delhi.

From historical monuments to crowded shopping malls, from Mughal gardens to Delhi University campus, the capital city has multiple personalities making it ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’. Although it’s a busy city in India, it is among the best cities to live with its historical edifices and mouth-watering traditional Indian street food.

If you’re worried about groceries, you have the Khari Baoli Bazaar is the most extensive wholesale spice market in Asia. Also, for the record, Delhi has the second most efficient and accessible metro service in the world. Now beat that!